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What platforms yield results for our industries?

It is critically important to have a professional image online.  That means, you have a business page NOT a personal page because you have a business, not a hobby.  We will be the first to admit, social media results WILL NOT occur “naturally” overnight.  Yes, there are companies in which you can BUY likes and followers and we share that it is a complete nightmare if you go that route.

So what social media tool is best for your business?

The bottom line is that your business needs to have an online presence where your customers and potential customers hang out.  Because all of the industries we assist have a real estate element in common, your best targets for resources, referrals, and direct consumers are on the “BIG 4” which are: LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Our coaching process is simple.  When you sign up for 3 months – 6 months- or 1 year, we will work with you 30 minutes each month.  We also have a social media coach only package where we coach you for up to 2 hours a month.  Either way in those valuable moments, we will:

  • Look at your current posts on all platforms mentioned above
  • Give you tips and techniques to improve the REACH and ENGAGEMENT on your posts
  • Educate you on effective tactics you should be using to get the phones to ring
  • Be honest with you if you are “pitching” your product too much and give you alternative ideas
  • Educate you on the 80/20 rule which means 80% of the time you educate viewers and 20% you pitch them
  • Show you programs that are free that help you create amazing graphics – even if you are not creative
  • Show you exactly how to read and interpret your online analytics on each platform

If you want to assign someone in your office to be our point of conversation – it’s totally 100% up to you!  We want to work with the best person that has the ability to get the posts done so you can start seeing your community and customer base grow.  Social media strategies are only as good as the implementation and measurement as to the effectiveness of the efforts.


What? You don’t see your industry represented?

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