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Social Media Support

We don’t monkey around!

Our approach to social media is 3-fold



If you are looking to outsource your social media posting for Twitter, Facebook, or even LinkedIn (sorry we’re not into Snapchat, Instagram, or Pinterest), Top Dog Performance can design and schedule all of your social media posts for the entire month for only: $254

What does this get you?

  • Support up to 4 social media accounts
  • Schedule up to 20 posts (on each account) for the entire month
  • Help you establish a theme so the content all comes together without random post messages or 100% product pushes (a product message every single day will drive people from you-engage them, don’t hit them over the head everyday)
  • Establish a posting calendar and share all posts so you can review and approve everything
  • Talk each month via email or phone and work on your theme and desired actions you want your audience to take
  • Help you define your audience- you can’t be all things to all people

This is a minimum of 6-month commitment.  We get to know YOU and your brand personality and work our butts off to nail down your message and who to target.

Sound good?  What’s your next step?  Schedule a quick 30 minute call to talk about your business and expectations.  We want to be sure we can play nicely in the sandbox together!





Want more of a DIY approach?

Whether you are a one-person operation or have a big team to help you with all aspects of marketing, you can hire Top Dog Performance to train your key marketing contacts so they know where to gather content, how to post, how to engage your clientele and the best result- convert social media conversations into paying customers.

social media cOACH




Having a social media coach means we talk to you twice a month, log into your social media platforms and help you understand what all the stats and insights mean to your business.  If your posts are missing hashtags, not asking for the business, or posting “spammy” sales messages too often, we will coach you on how to improve the results.


Want us to show up in person for LinkedIn training?  Why, yes…we’d LOVE to!

team coaching




Does your team generate leads from their LinkedIn connections? Does your team know how to find the really great connections they need?  We can show them how.


Reach out and call us.  Let’s see what works best for your business situation.


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